Friday, August 7, 2015

Democratic Debate Schedule

I will let others rail about the unfairness of the current U.S. Democratic debate schedule. It's designed for Hillary Clinton's coronation rather than  producing a well-informed electorate. To prevent the actual schedule (as of this date) from getting lost in the media shuffle, I am reposting it here from the Democratic Party Website.

Please mark  your calendars and plan to watch, because there are only four (4!) debates before the beginning of the primaries in Iowa:

  • October 13 – CNN – Nevada
  • November 14 – CBS/KCCI/Des Moines Register – Des Moines, IA 
  • December 19 – ABC/WMUR – Manchester, NH
  • January 17 – NBC/Congressional Black Caucus Institute – Charleston, SC
  • February or March – Univision/Washington Post – Miami, FL
  • February or March – PBS – Wisconsin

Speaking of informed voters, those of us who support Bernie Sanders' ideals find the Republican debates almost too painful to watch. A partial solution is to tune in to #DebateWithBernie on Twitter during GOP events. Bernie live tweets for We The People about a wider range of issues than the billionaire-bought-- or, in Trump's case, billionaire-buying-- politicians. He also comes up with a few zingers where appropriate. I, for one, want to laugh rather than groan the next time I watch a GOP event.

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