Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Group Tools

This page is so South Hampton Roads for Bernie can pin its most useful group tools to the top of its page for members to find easily. We will edit these as needed. Readers are also encouraged to check out the group's files and events pages for more information as well as to donate to and register with the official https://berniesanders.com/ website, which also has an events page.

One tool is a group calendar to keep track of regional events. Here is the Democratic debate schedule so far. Bernie Sanders' event organizing toolkit  is a terrific resource, too.

We are also collecting contact information for potential volunteers and others helpful to our regional efforts. Due to privacy concerns, we are limiting access to this information on a need-to-know basis. If you feel you need access, let Mary Lou Burke or Erica Landrum know through our Facebook group.

As of early December, 2015, we are DONE with ballot petition signature collection in Virginia. Thanks to grassroots efforts, the campaign submitted 17,882 signatures in Richmond, over three times the number needed to get Bernie on the primary ballot. Well done!

Our next steps include flyering and spreading the word about Bernie in Virginia. We also need to organize and encourage phone banking to find undecided or "leaning toward" voters in early primary and caucus states. Phone banking is a top priority of the campaign right now. To find training, go to: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/content/phonebank. We are also canvassing door-to-door. Those interested in canvassing should contact Jennifer Leister, the campaign field manager for South Hampton Roads. Contact her through Facebook, the campaign's new office in Norfolk, or let us know if you need her email address. Keep up the #Berniementum!

Little Creek Shop (Suite C) (Norfolk, VA)
547 East Little Creek Road
NorfolkVA 23505


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